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Get Your Slot Shoes On For The Bet365 Casino £200,000 Summer Cash Dash

August 30, 2017

How would you like the chance to earn your share of a £200,000 prize pool that includes several top prizes worth £5,000 and all you need to do to give yourself a chance of qualifying, is play some of the best slot games available at one of the nation’s very best online casinos?

If that offer sounds something that is right up your street then head to Bet365 Casino and check out what is on offer in their £200,000 Summer Cash Dash promotion.

Of course, you need to be a member of Bet365 Casino in order to participate in the offer but joining is extremely simple. You don’t even need to join Bet365 Casino direct as you could take advantage of the fantastic Bet365 Poker no deposit keep what you win offer instead and simply log in to Bet365 Casino using your poker details to play.

Better still, if you have already registered as a Bet365 Poker player and you currently have no bonuses activated on your account, you can sign up with Bet365 Casino using the great value starter bonus there too and play on the promotion that way.

Whatever way you decide to play, all you need to do is ensure you have some cash in your Bet365 Casino account when you have logged in and then head on over to the slots section in order to participate. However, this offer is only available on selected slots, so read on to discover what slots you need to play and when.

Bet365 Casino Summer Cash Dash Explained

The Bet365 £200,000 Summer Cash Dash promotion will run for three weeks starting on the 25th August and finishing on the 14th September 2017. Across those three weeks there will be a series of prize draws taking place, the first two with prizes worth £50,000 available, the third with a total prize pool of £100,000 available.

The prize pool in each of these prize draws will be split up into smaller cash prizes. There are more than 11,000 individual prizes on offer across the three draws and the only way you can earn tickets into each of the three draws is by playing through £10 on a small number of hand-picked slots on the Bet365 Casino site.

Each of the first two prize draws have a total of 2,845 cash prizes available, and in the third there are 5,961 cash prizes to be won. You can enter as many prize draw tickets as you can earn into any of the three prize draws and all the tickets you enter can be winners (so you could win multiple prizes either in the same prize draw, or across a number of prize draws).

If you have participated in any other major Bet365 Casino promotions, such as their £1m Slots Giveaway that was run on the site a little while back, then the format of the promotion will be entirely familiar to you, as will the processes you need to complete to earn prize draw tickets. The first thing you need to be sure about are which of the slot games available at Bet365 Casino you need to play to earn yourself some prize draw tickets.

What slots do I need to play for the £200,000 Summer Cash Dash promo?Bet365 Games UK slots promos

Bet365 Casino have selected six of their newest and most exciting slot games to be part of this promotion. Only play on these six games will count towards your £10 wagering requirement to earn a prize draw ticket.

The same six games are available for the promotion on each of the three promotional weeks of the offer, so provided you play these games on any week of the promo, then your wagering will count towards a prize draw ticket. The six slots are:

  • Age of the Gods God of Storms
  • Heart of the Frontier
  • Ice Cave
  • Legacy of the Wild
  • Robocop
  • Tiki Paradise

For every £10 wagered on these slots during the promotional week, you will earn one prize draw ticket for the next prize draw. However, there is one way you can maximise your chances of earning a prize in the draw and that is by targeting the special Double Ticket game each week.

What are the Double Ticket games?

In each of the three weeks of the offer, Bet365 Casino has nominated one of the six slots listed above to be a Double Ticket game. This means that when you wager £10 on this game you will receive two tickets into the prize draw, rather than just the one.

The games nominated as Double Ticket games, complete with the promotional weeks that they are active are outlined below:

  • 25th to 31st August – Legacy of the Wild
  • 1st to 7th September – Age of the Gods God of Storms
  • 8th to 14th September – Robocop

Of course, by focusing on these games alone during each promotional week, you can double the amount of tickets you earn for a prize draw for every £10 you spend, thus giving you a greater chance of earning a cash prize.

How are the cash prizes divided up in each of the three prize draws?

As we have already stated, the first two prize draws have a total of £50,000 in cash prizes available, while the third prize draw has the biggest prize pool of £100,000. How these cash sums are divided up into prizes for each of the prize draws is outlined below:

Prize Draws 1 and 2

Cash Prize Amount No of Prizes to be won
£5,000 1
£1,000 5
£500 9
£100 30
£50 50
£20 250
£10 2,500

Prize Draw 3

Cash Prize Amount No of Prizes to be won
£5,000 2
£1,000 9
£500 20
£100 60
£50 100
£20 500
£10 5000

Key Conditions of the Offer

One important thing to note about the offer is that the promotional week that you earn your prize draw tickets in will determine which prize draw they are entered into. You can only enter tickets earned in Promotional Week 1 into the first prize draw, promotional week 2 into the second and promotional week 3 into the third. You cannot save tickets and use them in subsequent prize draws and non-winning tickets are not carried forward into future draws.

On a positive note however, Bet365 have made it clear that any of the cash prizes awarded to customers throughout the three draws will be given to customers as cash, not as bonus cash. This is an important difference as it means that customers will be able to withdraw their cash prize from their account without any form of wagering requirement attached to it.

Once you have received funds from any cash prize, you have 14 days within which to decide what you want to do with it, otherwise the prize will expire and be removed from the players account.

With a chance to play some of the best new slots at Bet365 Casino, plus a chance to win individual prizes worth as much as £5,000, this is a fantastic way to round off what has been an otherwise quiet summer at Bet365 Casino. So why not log in and start spinning the reels today to see if you could be a Cash Dash winner.

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