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Welcome To The Brand New Bet365 Poker Loyalty Club

Over time, Bet365 Poker’s old VIP Rewards scheme started to look and feel a little dated. Too many of the sites customers didn’t really see too much benefit from the scheme and as a result, it wasn’t acting as an incentive for people to remain loyal to the site to earn the different types of rewards that were available as part of it.

With other poker sites coming up with new-style rewards schemes that tended to offer simpler systems to earn rewards for the majority of their customers, it was clear that Bet365 Poker needed to do something to ensure that their customers remained loyal to the site. It was therefore necessary to give the VIP Rewards scheme a complete reworking from head to toe.

The net result of that work has now come to fruition with the release this August of the exciting and brand new Bet365 Poker Loyalty Club.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at Bet365 Loyalty Club, examine how it works and what you need to do to start earning the rewards. We’ll also learn about the rewards available and the new way that you can now claim them.

To do this we need to first understand exactly how the Loyalty Club works and that means understanding the role of the newly created Status Points within the scheme.

How Bet365’s Loyalty Club Works

In the old VIP Rewards, Bet365 customers used to earn Merit Points as part of that scheme. That has now been changed and the new points that you will earn are called Status Points. Although the name has changed, essentially they are one and the same thing.

You earn Status Points at Bet365 Poker by playing in any of the real cash games on the site. You earn the points at the same rate regardless of the stakes you are playing for or the types of game that you are playing. That means in the Bet365 Cash Tables, you will earn 10 Status Points for every £1 in rake that you contribute to the pot. On the Bet365 Tournament and Sit & Go games (which includes Twister Poker), you will also earn 10 Status Points for every £1 you pay in tournament fees.

What this obviously means is that the more you play in real cash games at Bet365 Poker, then the more Status Points you will earn. In turn this means that through the Loyalty Club, you will have a chance to progress through the five different Loyalty Levels to earn ever increasing sizes of bonuses and rewards.

What are the Loyalty Levels?

With the release of the Bet365 Poker Loyalty Club, every member of the site became a new member of the club and every new customer that joins will also automatically be enrolled as a member of the Loyalty Club. That means from the moment you start playing at Bet365, you will start earning Status Points.

Every new player begins at the first Loyalty Level, which is the Bronze level. There are a total of five different Loyalty Levels and these are outlined below together with the number of Status Points you need to earn in order to qualify for these levels in a single qualifying period. Qualifying periods are always calendar months for ease of reference.

The five different Loyalty Levels are as follows:

  • Bronze – 0 to 29 Status Points
  • Silver – 30 to 199 Status Points
  • Gold – 200 to 799 Status Points
  • Platinum – 800 to 14,999 Status Points
  • Diamond – 15,000+ Status Points

However, the rewards you will receive as part of the Loyalty Scheme are not based on Status Points, but instead on Bet365 Coins. How you earn these is simple. Each Loyalty Level listed above is broken up into a number of Level Steps and how these work is explained below.

What are Level Steps and how do they work?

Each of the five Loyalty Levels is broken up into a number of Level Steps. As you complete each of the Level Steps by collecting the required number of Status Points, you will unlock yourself a bonus of some Bet365 Coins.

These coins are added to your Bet365 Coin balance each time you progress through a Level Step and at the end of the qualifying period, the number of Bet365 Coins you have in your balance, allied with your Loyalty Level, will determine the number, size and type of rewards available to you.

As you progress through the Level Steps in each of the five Loyalty Levels, the number of Coins available to be earned through each successive step will increase, so the further up the Levels you go in the Loyalty Club, the more Bet365 Coins you will earn.

The good news for Bet365 customers is that you can earn Bet365 Coins in this way, but there are also other ways in which you can earn Bet365 Coins each qualifying month.

Loyalty Tournaments

In addition to standard playing on the Bet365 Poker site earning you Status Points and eventually Bet365 Coins, you can earn Status Points and Bet365 Coins by competing in the brand new Loyalty Club Tournaments that are scheduled to take place on the site during the qualifying month.

There are three types of tournament available at present. The Bronze Level tournament is open to all players on the scheme and has a €100 prize pool. This tournament takes place each day and as well as the cash prizes on offer, top players can win Status Points or even Bet365 Coins as a prize.

If you reach the Silver Loyalty Level, you can enter the weekly €500 Silver Loyalty Club Tournament, while each month, if you manage to reach Gold Level or above, then you can elect to play in the monthly €5000 Mega Loyalty Club Tournament, which gets under way on the final Saturday in every month at 8pm UK time.

Obviously, the higher up the Loyalty Club you climb, the greater the number of Loyalty Tournaments become available for you to play in.

Loyalty Missions

Running alongside the Loyalty Tournaments, Bet365 is also running a series of Loyalty Missions which players can complete each qualifying month to earn themselves a mixture of additional Status Points and Bet365 Coins. Missions are consecutive, so once you complete one Mission, there will be another slightly more challenging one to complete immediately after you have finished the previous mission. Of course, as the complexity of the Missions grow, so does the value of the rewards on offer for completing them.

Regardless of whether you earn your Bet365 Coins through standard play on the site, Loyalty Tournaments or Loyalty Missions or any combination of the three, at the end of the month you will be able to select from a range of rewards available to you at the Bet365 Store.

What is the Bet365 Store and what Loyalty Club Rewards can I earn?

The Bet365 Store is simply the name given to the part of the site where you can redeem your Bet365 Coins for a number of different rewards. Unlike the old VIP Rewards scheme, you are not prescribed which rewards you will win and players have a choice of different rewards that they can take based on their Loyalty Level and number of Bet365 Coins they have earned.

There are seven different types of rewards you could pick from, though some of the rewards are not available on all levels of the Loyalty Club scheme.

  • Premium Steps Tickets (available for all 5 levels)
  • Sit & Go Tickets (available for all 5 levels)
  • Scheduled Tournament Tickets (available for all 5 levels)
  • Bonus Euros (available for all 5 levels)
  • Twister Poker Tickets (available for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels)
  • Cash Tickets (available for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels)
  • Real Cash Rewards (available for Platinum and Diamond Levels only)

Bet365 Loyalty Club has brought the Poker rewards scheme bang up to date offering customers a far more flexible, relevant and easier to follow reward scheme that should give every Bet365 player a chance of at least earning some reward for their play.

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