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Play Moobile Casino Until The Cows Come Home Plus Sky Poker Deals Up 900 Millionth Hand

There’s a couple of interesting UK casino and poker offers to look at this week. We’re going to take a look at Sky Poker’s impending 900 Millionth hand celebrations in a little more detail shortly, but first we are going to take a closer look at one of our casino sites fabulous introductory offers.

That casino is Moobile Casino and without wanting to milk it, we’re not sure you’ll find a beefier offer for new players anywhere else online and that is no bull!

Moobile Casino Triple Deposit Bonus offer for new players

The first offer we are looking at this week comes from one of our mobile casino partners, Moobile Casino may have taken the cheesy cow-pun line when it came to naming their casino, but it can’t moobile games new player offerbe denied that their starter offer for new players is one of the best deals currently available anywhere via mobile.

That’s because not only do you get a bonus payable on your first three deposits, but as a new customer with the casino you will also receive £5 completely free of charge when you join to trial the slots and other casino games on the site. Lionel Richie may have famously sang “Three Times a Lady” but he could easily have penned a song about this triple-tastic offer – an offer so good you may join Lionel “Dancing on the Ceiling.”

Once you have used up your free £5 introductory offer however, there are a host of other deposit-based promotions that you can take full advantage of over your first three deposits.

First up is your £150 Cash Match deposit, which sees Moobile casino match your first deposit of up to £150 pound-for-pound, which means if you deposit the full £150, then you’ll receive £150 in free cash from the casino and have £300 to play with when you start.

With your next deposit you can then receive a 100% cash-match bonus on any credit or debit card deposit of up to £50 maximum, which means you can deposit another £50 on your second deposit and receive another £50 free of charge.

Lastly, on your third deposit, you can receive another 100% cash match bonus of up to £25. This means that when you add all the deposits and other bonuses together, for a total outlay of £175 over your first three deposits, players will have £355 to play with on site (£175 deposited cash, £175 bonus cash, plus your £5 free when you join).

However, that is not all. As a Moobile casino customer, you also receive text messages from the site which will award players regular free bonuses. All you need to do when you receive an email is log into your account and any bonus the company has awarded you should be ready to be used in your account.

You’d have to be mad to turn down an offer like this, so if you’re thinking of joining, be sure to claim your Moobile games no deposit bonus deal and take advantage of their triple deposit bonus offer.

Sky Poker’s 900 Millionth Hand Promotion

Sky Poker promotionIf you want to stand a chance of winning cash, tournament tickets worth a significant proportion of £2000, alongside the chance to boost the number of poker points you earn during the month of April, then there is only one place to play this week and that is with Sky Poker thanks to its 900 Millionth Hand Promotion.

This isn’t the first time that Sky Poker have offered a prize for the players that contest a milestone hand, they have done it for previous hundred million hand marks, but this promotion, which will likely happen some time this week, offers one of the best potential rewards of any of those that have preceded it.

That’s because there are two different types of rewards on offer. One for those players lucky enough to contest the 900,000,000 hand on Sky Poker and another offer which all Sky Poker players can take advantage of from midday on Thursday 23rd April.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the rewards on offer if you are one of the lucky players who could be dealt the 900,000,000 hand on the site.

The first thing to note about this offer is that literally any player, on any type of cash game, could be dealt this milestone hand. It doesn’t matter how much you are playing for or have bought into for, if you are playing a Sky Poker table that is for real money, whether it is a cash table, sit & go or tournament table does not matter. You will still qualify for the prizes on offer.

If you are fortunate enough to be dealt in to the 900 millionth hand on the site but don’t win the pot, the you will receive the following trio of prizes as a reward:

  • Your Sky Poker account will be credited with £350.
  • You will receive a free entry into a Sky Poker Viva Las Vegas Semi Final event, worth £77.
  • You will also receive a free ticket into the following Sunday’s Super Roller event, which is worth a huge £110.

However, if you are dealt into this hand and take down the pot to win the hand then you’ll receive the following from Sky Poker:

  • £550 will be added to your Sky Poker account.
  • You will receive a free entry into the Viva Las Vegas Final satellite, which is worth a massive £350.
  • You will also receive a £110 buy in direct to Sunday’s next Super Roller event.

That’s a lot of great prizes if you manage to be sat at the table that receives the 900 millionth deal but of course given the number of tables in operation on Sky Poker at any one time, the chances of receiving that deal are relatively slim, however you can definitely take advantage of the second part of the offer. The Sky Poker Points Accelerator.

All you need to do is log in to Sky Poker and play real cash games from midday on Thursday 23rd April and if you do, instead for every one Sky Poker point you would have earned through real cash play, between the hours of midday and 8pm, you’ll earn two.

That is not all though as between 8pm and 10pm, you’ll earn three times the usual number of Sky Poker points compared to the usual amount per cash spend and then from 10pm until midnight, you’ll earn your Sky Poker points at four times the rate.

All you need to do is join Sky Poker now – and new players of course get the added incentive of a Sky Poker free no deposit bonus.

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