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What Does The NFL Playoff Situation Look Like After Week 13?

What does the current NFL Playoff situation look like in the AFC and NFC? We take a look and give you our playoff and Super Bowl tips

We are coming down to the business end of the NFL Season. After last weekend’s games, we now have just five more weeks of the regular season campaign to go and thoughts are turning towards the NFL Playoffs.

Incredibly, almost all teams in the NFL still have at least a theoretical chance of reaching the playoffs, but over the next few weeks, those dreams will die one by one until we are left with the seven teams in each conference ready to battle it out for a place at the Super Bowl.

NFL greats

And unlike previous years in the NFL, where we have had some teams secure the top seed spot relatively early, this season there could well be a real battle that goes down to the final day to see who gets that #1 spot, home field advantage throughout the playoffs and the bye on Super Wildcard Weekend that goes with it.

Of course, to decide which 14 teams go through, and which 18 teams miss out, we have the last few weeks of the season to play through first. You can enjoy a massive range of bets on these games at bet365 Sport, including all the popular Game Line bets as well as a range of prop bets too.

So let’s begin our look at the playoff picture by focusing on how things stand at present in the AFC.

AFC Playoff Picture

AFC North

1Baltimore Ravens9-3
2Pittsburgh Steelers7-5
3Cleveland Browns7-5
4Cincinnati Bengals6-6

Remaining Games

  • Ravens – v Rams, @ Jaguars, @ 49ers, v Dolphins, v Steelers
  • Steelers – v Patriots, @ Colts, v Bengals, @ Seahawks, @ Ravens
  • Browns – v Jaguars, v Bears, @ Texans, v Jets, @ Bengals
  • Bengals – v Colts, v Vikings, @ Steelers, @ Chiefs, v Browns

AFC East

1Miami Dolphins9-3
2Buffalo Bills6-6
3New York Jets4-8
4New England Patriots2-10

Remaining Games

  • Dolphins – v Titans, v Jets, v Cowboys, @ Ravens, v Bills
  • Bills – @ Chiefs, v Cowboys, @ Chargers, v Patriots, @ Dolphins
  • Jets – v Texans, @ Dolphins, v Commanders, @ Browns, @ Patriots
  • Patriots – @ Steelers, v Chiefs, @ Broncos, @ Bills, v Jets

AFC South

1Jacksonville Jaguars8-4
2Indianapolis Colts7-5
3Houston Texans7-5
4Tennessee Titans4-8

Remaining Games

  • Jaguars – @ Browns, v Ravens, @ Buccaneers, v Panthers, @ Titans,
  • Colts – @ Bengals, v Steelers, @ Falcons, v Raiders, v Texans
  • Texans – @ Jets, @ Titans, v Browns, v Titans, @ Colts
  • Titans – @ Dolphins, v Texans, v Seahawks, @ Texans, v Jaguars

AFC West

1Kansas City Chiefs8-4
2Denver Broncos6-6
3Los Angeles Chargers5-7
4Las Vegas Raiders5-7

Remaining Games

  • Chiefs – v Bills, @ Patriots, v Raiders, v Bengals, @ Chargers
  • Broncos – @ Chargers, @ Lions, v Patriots, v Chargers, @ Raiders
  • Chargers – v Broncos, @ Raiders, v Bills, @ Broncos, v Chiefs
  • Raiders – v Vikings, v Chargers, @ Chiefs, @ Colts, v Broncos

Current AFC Playoff Seedings

  1. Miami Dolphins – 9-3
  2. Baltimore Ravens – 9-3
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – 8-4
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – 8-4
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers – 7-5
  6. Indianapolis Colts – 7-5
  7. Cleveland Browns – 7-5

In the Hunt or Eliminated

  • Houston Texans – 7-5
  • Denver Broncos – 6-6
  • Buffalo Bills – 6-6
  • Cincinnati Bengals – 6-6
  • Los Angeles Chargers – 5-7
  • Las Vegas Raiders – 5-7
  • New York Jets – 4-8
  • Tennessee Titans – 4-8
  • New England Patriots – 2-10

AFC Playoff Prediction

  1. Miami Dolphins – 13-4
  2. Baltimore Ravens – 13-4
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – 11-6
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – 11-6
  5. Cleveland Browns – 12-5
  6. Houston Texans – 10-7
  7. Cincinnati Bengals – 9-8

I think the Dolphins will just about hold onto top spot, holding off the Ravens despite having the same record. The Chiefs and Jags should win their divisions, but a soft schedule to the end of the season could see the Browns finish as a dangerous 5th seed, with the Texans and Bengals scraping the final two positions.

Who Qualifies for the Super Bowl? – My gut feeling at the start of the season was that this could be the Ravens year, and as good as the Dolphins have been, I think that Baltimore may just achieve that.

NFC Playoff Picture

NFC North

1Detroit Lions9-3
2Minnesota Vikings6-6
3Green Bay Packers6-6
4Chicago Bears4-8

Remaining Games

  • Lions – @ Bears, v Broncos, @ Vikings, @ Cowboys, v Vikings
  • Vikings – @ Raiders, @ Bengals, v Lions, v Packers, @ Lions
  • Packers – @ Giants, v Buccaneers, @ Panthers, @ Vikings, v Bears
  • Bears – v Lions, @ Browns, v Cardinals, v Falcons, @ Packers

NFC East

1Philadelphia Eagles10-2
2Dallas Cowboys9-3
3New York Giants4-8
4Washington Commanders4-9

Remaining Games

  • Eagles – @ Cowboys, @ Seahawks, v Giants, v Cardinals, @ Giants
  • Cowboys – v Eagles, @ Bills, @ Dolphins, v Lions, @ Commanders
  • Giants – v Packers, @ Saints, @ Eagles, v Rams, v Eagles
  • Commanders – Bye Week, @ Rams, @ Jets, v 49ers, v Cowboys

NFC South

1Atlanta Falcons6-6
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-7
3New Orleans Saints5-7
4Carolina Panthers1-11

Remaining Games

  • Falcons – v Buccaneers, @ Panthers, v Colts, @ Bears, @ Saints
  • Buccaneers – @ Falcons, @ Packers, v Jaguars, v Saints, @ Panthers
  • Saints – v Panthers, v Giants, @ Rams, @ Buccaneers, v Falcons
  • Panthers – @ Saints, v Falcons, v Packers, @ Jaguars, v Buccaneers

NFC West

1San Francisco 49ers9-3
2Los Angeles Rams6-6
3Seattle Seahawks6-6
4Arizona Cardinals3-10

Remaining Games

  • 49ers – v Seahawks, @ Cardinals, v Ravens, @ Commanders, v Rams
  • Rams – @ Ravens, v Commanders, v Saints, @ Giants, @ 49ers
  • Seahawks – @ 49ers, v Eagles, @ Titans, v Steelers, @ Cardinals
  • Cardinals – Bye Week, v 49ers, @ Bears, @ Eagles, v Seahawks

Current NFC Playoff Seedings

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – 10-2
  2. San Francisco 49ers – 9-3
  3. Detroit Lions – 9-3
  4. Atlanta Falcons – 6-6
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 9-3
  6. Minnesota Vikings – 6-6
  7. Green Bay Packers – 6-6

In the Hunt or Eliminated

  • Los Angeles Rams – 6-6
  • Seattle Seahawks – 6-6
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 5-7
  • New Orleans Saints – 5-7
  • New York Giants – 4-8
  • Chicago Bears – 4-8
  • Washington Commanders – 4-9
  • Arizona Cardinals – 3-10
  • Carolina Panthers – 1-11

NFC Playoff Prediction

  1. San Francisco 49ers – 13-4
  2. Philadelphia Eagles – 13-4
  3. Detroit Lions – 12-5
  4. Atlanta Falcons – 9-8
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 11-6
  6. Green Bay Packers – 10-7
  7. Los Angeles Rams – 9-8

Before their bye week, the 49ers looked well out of sorts. Since then, they have been brilliant and I can see them winning their next four games, before resting many starters in their final game, and perhaps losing it.

The Eagles have a soft schedule after Dallas so should win the West with a similar record while the Lions will take the North. I think the Falcons hold on in the South. The Cowboys will lock up a spot in the playoffs, while another easy run in will help the Packers clinch sixth with the Rams edging out a couple of teams for 7th.

Who Qualifies for the Super Bowl? – Until Week 13, I felt the Eagles were clearly the team to do so in the NFC. Now, I have switched that and the 49ers for me are the team to beat and I can’t see anybody doing that in this conference.

Predicted Super Bowl – Ravens v 49ers – 49ers to win 35-30

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