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Vintage poker present

Unique Vintage Presents For The Poker-Obsessed

Looking for the perfect vintage poker present? We’ve got heaps of ideas of things that blend nostalgia with the love of the game.

So let’s hop to it and explore some top-notch vintage presents that will impress any poker enthusiast.

Vintage playing cards

Perhaps the most obvious item on our gift guide, but you can never go wrong with vintage playing cards as a poker present.

When you go vintage, they’re not just tools of the game. They’re slices of history. These cards often boast intricate, old-school designs. And the history of playing cards is so interesting in and of itself. You can find cards that are well over a century old on the likes of eBay. And playing with these cards really make you feel like you’re touching history.

Vintage chips

Now let’s talk poker chips. Vintage chips are a whole different ball game. They come in various materials like the familiar clay and the less familiar wood. The designs and colours can be pretty unique and really different to what we’re used to. But the cool thing is, each set tells its own story. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they unwrap a set of super cool vintage chips

Vintage books

Poker books from yesteryears are a treasure trove. When you pick the right ones, they can chronicle the birth of the game as we know it today. The insights they offer into how poker was played in the past, including strategy and etiquette, is fascinating. Plus, these books often have a charming, old-world feel to the pages. They’re great for reading, as well as for display.

Vintage card shuffler

Ever thought of a vintage card shuffler? These gadgets are not only functional, but also have a retro appeal. They hark back to a time when poker was played in smoky back rooms and jazz club. A mechanical card shuffler from the 1950s? Now that’s a conversation starter!

Vintage tablecloths

Now we’re not talking about the type your Granny used to whip out on a Sunday. Poker tablecloths from yesteryear are an altogether different type of table dressing. They were often handcrafted with detailed embroidery. They’re not just about playing poker. They also add a touch of class and history to your home game. Your friend will love hosting games on one of these.

Vintage dealer buttons

Dealer buttons don’t have to be quite as hardy as chips, so these often overlook items can make ideal presents. Vintage dealer buttons are often made out of bone or ivory and they add an authentic feel to any poker game.

Vintage posters

For a more quirky gift, look for old poker advertisements. These posters or prints not only look great, but showcase the art and culture of the game’s past. Perfect for sprucing up any game room!

Even more present ideas…

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