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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Make Smarter Offside Wagers

If you want to add a little twist to your usual footy betting fare, the offside wager is your new best friend.

But if you’re unsure of where to start, this guide is going to tell you everything you need to know before you place that bet. From understanding the basics of the rule to placing your first bet, you’ll be fully equipped to get started as soon as you’re finished reading.

Plus we’ll offer some handy tips on how to spot the best betting opportunities and maximise your chances of placing smarter bets. So let’s get started and find out how you can potentially profit from those nail-biting offside moments!

FAQs for your offside wager

What’s an offside wager in football?

An offside wager is a bet you place on how many times players will be caught offside during a match. It’s a thrilling way to add a bit of spice to your viewing experience! And a little more fun than the average win or lose bets.

How does the offside rule work in football?

Everyone thinks it’s a head scratcher, but it’s actually not toooo difficult to get your head around. Put simply, a Team A player is offside when they are actively participating in play and they have less than two Team B players between them and Team B’s goal. You can learn more here.

Do all bookies offer offside wagers?

Nope, but many do. It’s a specialised market. So you’ll need to scout around a bit to find which sportsbooks do offer it. If you don’t want to go on the hunt yourself, we’ve got a good lead… Bet365 have a great range of offside wagers on offer, plus you can use this bet365 bonus code to get a fantastic welcome offer if you haven’t joined up yet!

What should I look out for when betting on offsides?

Before making an offside wager, keep your eye on teams known for pushing up as a unit or those with fast forwards. Players who love hanging around the last defender can be caught offside more frequently.

Can I make good money from offside betting?

Yes, if you play your cards right. It’s all about understanding the game and knowing how many players are offside-prone. Keep tabs on match tactics and player movements.

Is offside betting risky?

To be honest with you, it is one of the more risky types of betting. It offers high payouts for just that reason. It’s certainly tough to win an offside bet. But when it does come through, it’s all the sweeter for it. To give yourself the best chance, do your homework on the teams and players before you place that offside wager.

What happens if there are no offsides during a match?

If no player is caught offside during your match and you’ve predicted as much, you’ll win. But if your offside wager was all about offsides occuring, you’ll lose your stake.

Can offsides be disputed in my bet?

Nope. The official match statistics are always used to settle bets. If an offside is called during the game, that’s what the bookies will go by.

Does an offside wager apply to the whole game?

Typically, yes. Most offside bets cover the entire duration of the match, including extra time. However, they usually don’t include penalty shootouts.

Can I cancel my offside wager if I change my mind?

Once a bet is placed, it’s usually locked in. However, some sites, might offer cash-out options as the match progresses. This could let you get out early if you think the tide is turning. Bet365 has this feature on some of their bets, FYI.

What’s the best strategy for my first offside wager?

Watch out for matches with high defensive lines and quick forwards. Analyse past games to see how often players tend to get caught offside. And you can use that info as a general guide for your offside wager.

Any final tips?

Really, you’ve just gotta stay informed as much as you can. Watch matches, follow team news and understand tactics. The more you know, the better your chances of making a winning bet. And, as always, you should make sure you’re always sticking to that gambling budget.


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