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Two New Missions Promos To Try At Bet365 This March

March 9, 2017

Collecting things is something that we as humans enjoy doing. Whether it is football stickers as a young boy, pebbles and shells from a beach, or perhaps music CD’s or even automobiles the desire within us to acquire can sometimes seldom be sated.

As poker players, we are always on the lookout to collect strong cards and excellent hands, ideally the nuts, and the best way to achieve this is to be dealt a pair of cards as your hole cards. Well this month, that is precisely what Bet365 Poker is celebrating as part of its two new Missions-based promotions.

They are called Pair Collector and Pro Collector, so let’s take a closer look at each of these promotions and discover what you need to do in order to land yourself a chance of earning your share of a massive prize fund.

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How does the Pair Collector promotion work?

This is the promotion that is aimed at the more general poker player at Bet365, one who plays on the site a little less frequently than the more hardcore player. To participate, you need to head to
the promotional page for the Missions or Pair Collector promotion and when there click on the Start button to activate the mission.

The aim is for you to collect different value pocket pairs by receiving them as your hole cards at the cash tables at Bet365 Poker. There are two different types of missions available you can try to complete. One to be completed within 24-hours (Daily) and one to be completed over seven days (Weekly).

For the Daily Mission, players have 24-hours starting from midnight on a qualifying day where they need to be dealt a total of four different pocket pairs while playing at the No Limit Hold’em Cash Tables. Each day that you complete this mission, you will receive a tournament ticket as your reward. This offers you entry into the next €1,000 Pair Collector ‘All In’ Shootout Freeroll. These freerolls are held each day at 20:00 GMT (apart from the period 25th March to 2nd April when they will get under way at 19:00 GMT).

The Weekly Mission is slightly different however. The qualifying period runs from midnight Sunday, through until 20:59 on the following Sunday. Once again, to play this mission you need to play at the No Limit Hold’em Cash Tables and over the course of the qualifying week, you need to be dealt eight different value pocket pairs. When you have collected eight different pairs, you will then be awarded a tournament token for entry into the weekly €10,000 Pair Collector All In Shootout Freeroll. These take place on the 12th, 19th, 26th March and 2nd April. Start time is 21:00 GMT for the first two events and 20:00 GMT for the final two.

However, you can earn a second entry into this higher value all in freeroll event by collecting an additional two different pocket pairs in a qualifying week. If you manage to collect 10 unique pairs in a  week, you will earn a second tournament ticket for the weekly €10,000 Pair Collector event.

Bet365 do remind all poker players to ensure that they use up any of the tournament tokens they earn for the Daily and Weekly missions as they will expire and be unusable once the promotion ends. As such, it is always a sensible idea to enter one of the freerolls as soon as you have earned yourself a qualifying tournament token.

To clarify, a unique pocket pair for this promotion is a pair of cards of different values. So for example if you are dealt the 5 of hearts and 5 of clubs and then are later dealt the five of diamonds and five of spades, this would only count as one unique pocket pair. However if you are then dealt the six of hearts and six of diamonds, this would count as a second unique pocket pair.  Pairs made up of cards landed in the flop, turn or river do not count for this promotion.

You are free to participate in this promotion at whatever stakes you prefer to play at the No Limit Hold’em Cash Tables at Bet365 Poker, which means this is a promotion that is easily accessible to all.

What is Bet365’s Pro Collector offer?

To participate in the Pro Collector offer you also have to Opt In to the promotion by clicking on the Start button in the missions section on the site. This promotion is definitely aimed more at the Bet365 Poker customer that plays regularly on the site as completing the tasks to earn the rewards can take time.

This is an unusual mission in that there is just one mission to complete over the course of the entire promotion, however that mission is comprised of eight individual tasks, each of which must be completed in order to move on to the next task and then eventually unlock entry into the €25,000 Pro Collector One and €25,000 Pro Collector Two Tournaments at the end of the promotion.

Complete the first four tasks and you’ll earn one tournament ticket into the first Pro Collector freeroll. Complete all eight tasks and you’ll earn an additional tournament ticket into the second Pro Collector freeroll.

The eight tasks that comprise the mission are outlined below:

Task No Requirement of Task Reward
1 Be dealt Ace-King Ten Times Unlock Task 2
2 Be dealt any of 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, K-K or A-A 20 times in total Unlock Task 3
3 Be dealt any of the following 10 Times – J-J or Q-Q Unlock Task 4
4 Be dealt any of the following 10 times – K-K or A-A €25,000 Pro Collector One Tournament Ticket and Unlock Task 5
5 Be Dealt A-K 15 times Unlock Task 6
6 Be dealt any of Q-Q, K-K or A-A 15 times Unlock Task 7
7 Be dealt K-K 10 times Unlock Task 8
8 Be dealt A-A 10 times €25,000 Pro Collector Two Tournament Ticket

The first €25,000 Pro Collector One Freeroll gets under way at 19:00 GMT on Sunday 2nd April while the €25,000 Pro Collector Two Freeroll takes place fifteen minutes later with cards in the air at 19:15 GMT on Sunday 2nd April.

Players can only complete the mission once during the promotion and in addition, for their play to qualify for the mission they must be playing at No Limit Hold’em cash tables on Bet365 of stakes of at least €0.05/€0.10 or greater.

This is a great value double-themed promotion which offers all Bet365 Poker customers the chance to earn a little extra cash throughout March and into April in a simple and enjoyable way. So why not start collecting those pairs now and see what you could win?

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