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Win Entries Into €30,000 Worth Of Freerolls With Bet365 Poker’s Pro Collector Promotion

September 13, 2017

It’s been a busy time at Bet365 Poker of late what with the introduction of the new Loyalty Club being a not inconsiderable thing given how many of Bet365 Poker’s customers this affects (i.e. all of them) and the continuing availability of popular promotions such as the Premium Steps tournament and the long-running €3,000 MTT Missions promotion.

As such, new promotions have been a little scarce of late and that is unusual for a company that used to offer at least one and sometimes more promotions per month. However things seem to be getting back to normal with the announcement of the return of a past favourite promotion. It’s called Pro Collector and it will allow you the chance to earn one entry into two big money freeroll tournaments taking place at the start of October.

Remember, Bet365 Poker is still one of the few sites offering its new poker customers a completely free no deposit bonus worth €5 simply for signing up and trialling the site. You can then claim a fantastic 100% deposit bonus when you make your first deposit afterwards and also claim a number of other fantastic promotional items including more free tournament tickets and free spins.

So without any further ado, let’s now get to grips with exactly how Pro Collector works.

How does the Pro Collector promotion work?

The first thing you must do with the Pro Collector promotion is to load up the Poker client software from Bet365 and visit the page regarding the offer. Then you need to click on the Start button you see there. Only after you have done this will the play on the qualifying tables count towards your requirement for the task you are completing.

If you do not click the Start button before you start playing at the tables, then any hands you may land that would otherwise count towards the requirements for a task, will not qualify. As such, it is important you click this button immediately to ensure all your play is included towards the offer.

In order to earn yourself those two tournament tickets on offer, what you need to do with the Pro Collector promotion is collect a designated series of cards. You collect them by the cards being dealt to you as your hole cards. If a pair is created from one hole card and the community cards, or two community cards, then this does not count towards your task requirement.

As you complete the tasks you will earn the right to play the next task in the series. After the fourth and eighth tasks, you will receive one freeroll tournament ticket into the promotion-ending tournaments, which take place on Sunday October 1st.

What are the Freeroll tournaments?

The tournaments that you are completing tasks to earn entry into both take place on the final day of the promotion (Sunday 1st October). The first is a €10,000 Pro Collector All In Shootout Tournament which will get under way at 19:00 GMT that night and this is the tournament your first tournament ticket you earn in the promotion will get you entry into. This is an all-in tournament which means that all players are placed all-in every hand until the eventual winner of the tournament is decided.

The second tournament is the €20,000 Pro Collector Playable Tournament and this is the ticket you win for completing the eighth mission. Unlike the other tournament, this is one where you can actually play poker against other players to try and win your share of the sizeable prize pool. This tournament gets underway at 19:15 GMT.

You are allowed to earn a maximum of one ticket for each of the freerolls taking place on the 1st October through the promotion.

What are the tasks for the Pro Collector promotion?

There are a total of eight individual tasks that you need to complete in order to earn both tickets on offer as part of this promotion. The tasks are outlined in the table below:

Task No Task Requirement Reward
1 Be dealt any of the following hands 20 times in total: 10-10, J-J, Q-Q, K-K and A-A Unlock Task Two
2 Be dealt J-J or Q-Q 10 times Unlock Task Three
3 Be dealt A-K 10 times Unlock Task Four
4 Be dealt K-K or A-A 10 times €10,000 Pro Collector All In Tournament Ticket and Unlock Task Five
5 Be dealt A-K 15 times Unlock Task Six
6 Be Dealt Q-Q, K-K or A-A 15 times Unlock Task Seven
7 Be Dealt K-K 10 Times Unlock Task Eight
8 Be Dealt A-A 10 Times €20,000 Pro Collector Playable Tournament Ticket

What tables do I need to play on for the Pro Collector promotion?

For all the tasks outlined above, you need to receive your qualifying hands while playing at the No Limit Texas Hold’em Cash Tables at Bet365 Poker playing for stakes of at least €0.05/€0.10 or £0.05/£0.10.

All play on any other tables will not count towards the offer, so it is important that you remember that only these cash tables are where you can collect your hands as part of the promotion.

Are there any other key terms or conditions I need to know about?

There are a number of other rules regarding this promotion that participating customers at Bet365 Poker should be aware of:

  • Each freeroll has a restricted number of entries permitted. If, in the unlikely event of the event being fully registered, then no more registrations will be allowed after this time even if you have a ticket for the event. So in short, make sure you register early for any freeroll tournament that you qualify for.
  • All the tasks in the promotion have to be completed individually, one after the other. Any pairs you collect for one task will not count towards any later task.
  • Remember, collected pairs of cards only count if they are dealt to you as hole cards.
  • If you are playing at a qualifying cash table, but there are just two players at the table, then any hands played with just two players do not count towards collecting your cards.
  • Any tournament tickets not used at the end of the promotion will expire and be deleted from your account once the tournament it was to be used for has been completed.

So why not see if you can collect the pairs and combinations of cards to become a Pro Collector at Bet365 and give yourself a shot at winning your share of a €30,000 prize pool.

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