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best casino films

Excellent Films About The Weird And Wonderful World Of Casinos

What are the best casino films? We’ve got a list as long as our arm. But we know you don’t have time for all of that.

So instead, we’re going to give you a run down of some of our absolute all-time favourites. After reading this, we’re sure you’re going to want to play a few casino games (bet365 bonus code for if you want to do that online) and maybe even plan a DIY casino night. And, of course, have some pals over the watch for a movie marathon too!

The best casino films

Step back in time to 1970s Vegas

If you know anything about Las Vegas history, you’ll know that the 1970s was a strange time on the strip. Legendary director Martin Scorsese captures this perfectly in the 1995 flick Casino.

It stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone (swooning about that cast line up) and takes a deep dive into the grit of Sin City some 50 years ago. Think mobsters, crime, corruption and general debauchery. It sure is gritty, but it also is genuinely one of the best casino films of all time.

Take a look on Amazon.

Let’s go to Atlantic City!

While many of the best casino films focus on Las Vegas, we’ve got a few up our sleeves that are set elsewhere. And Atlantic City is one of our absolute favourites.

We’ve got Susan Sarandon and Burt Lancaster in the starring roles of this 1980 classic. And in it, you can find out the story of how gambling came to be legalised in the wonderful Atlantic City.

We love the snapshot into the time period, complete with period dress and a good look at how the public viewed gambling. And, of course, how it transformed Atlantic City.

A super interesting watch, especially if you have Atlantic City on your must-visit list. Or, in deed, if you’re already a frequent visitor.

Check out out on Amazon, if your interest is piqued.

Breaking the blackjack tables

Everyone secretly dreams of figuring out a way to best a casino. But in 21, a gang of MIT students actually do it.

Released in 2008, this is all about counting cards at the blackjack tables in Atlantic City. But, as you can expect, when the casinos cotton on to what’s happening, they aren’t too pleased. This, however, is a really fun watch.

Think it’s your kind of thing? Watch it on Netflix.

The not so bright side of gambling

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some people struggle with gambling addiction. Owning Mahowny is one of the best casino films to capture this tragic relaity. Starring the incredible cast of Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Hurt and Minnie Driver, this is a thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of the inner thoughts of an obsessive gambler.

It tells the story of a Canadian banker who quickly racks up huge debts and whose world falls around him as a result.

Well worth a watch, if you’re in a pensive sort of a mood. You can find at Amazon.

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