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Bet365 Poker Sister Site Offering UK Online Slot Fans £1m May Giveaway

Everybody loves a free giveaway and its even better when you can participate in the aforementioned giveaway without any hassle whatsoever. Well if you are one of the many people who have joined the Bet365 Poker site via our fantastic Bet365 bonus referrer code page, then your account now grants you free access to another huge promotion.

The promotion is being run on Bet365 Poker’s sister site Bet365 Games, but the great news is you don’t need to open a new account. If you already have a Bet365 Poker account, then all you need to do is deposit or transfer cash into your Bet365 Games account and you can participate.

There are a million reasons as to why you should participate in this offer and we’ll explain them in more detail below, but first let’s take a look at one of Sky Poker’s less trumpeted offers, but one which is a particularly useful one to note if you like to get great value when collecting your Sky Poker Points each month.

Sky Poker’s Early Bird Offer

Every month with Sky Poker, your real cash play earns you Sky Poker points. These are used predominantly to award players bonuses as part of the Sky Poker Rewards program, but they canSky Poker Early Bird Promo also be used for entry into many daily freeroll games, as well as occasionally offering you entry into specialist promotions.

As such, collecting Sky Poker points is an important aspect of the site for people who want to maximise their Sky Poker Rewards bonus each month, or who want to build up their points so they can play in as many promotional or daily freeroll games as they can.

However, did you know that you can boost the number of points you earn in any one particular day by up to 50% by playing cash poker against just a couple of other opponents?

This is due to Sky Poker’s Early Bird promotion and here’s how it works.

Either open a table and get one or two other players to join you, or sit down at a table with just one or two other players and play for real cash at the table. For every hand that three players or fewer earn Sky Poker points for, Sky Poker will boost the amount of Sky Poker Points won by the players at that table by 50%.

So for example, if you and two other opponents played a cash table game where you earned 2 Poker Points in a hand, and opponent A earned 4 Poker Points for the hand, while other earned 1 Poker Point. Then You would actually receive 3 Poker Points, opponent A would receive 6 Poker Points and the other opponent would earn 1.5 Points.

The only thing to remember about this promotion is that you need to play at a table where only three players or fewer are dealt into the hand. If four or more players play in any hand, then the bonus is not paid and you are paid out your Sky Poker points at the standard rate.

You can only earn this boost by playing at the cash tables, it is not an offer that can be used on Sit & Go tables or in Multi Table Tournaments. The good news for mobile players (Sky Poker offers extensive support for iPhone, iPad and Android devices) however is that you can access this offer from mobile without any problems at all.

Given that you can play through more hands more quickly with three players or less at the table, plus you’ll win more hands more often, this can be a fantastic way to really boost your Sky Poker Points balance every month.

Click here for all the latest Sky Poker no deposit bonus information you need about the site including details on how to join and receive a superb £10 no deposit bonus simply for signing up.

Bet365 Games £1 Million Slot Giveaway Promotion

Before online gambling and the National Lottery became so popular, the biggest prize anybody could possibly win for a small stake was the football pools. The biggest used to offer a cash prize of over £1 million on many weeks and like now, this was not an inconsiderable sum.

The advent of online gaming made this, and even higher jackpots possible in some games, but very rarely there comes along a promotion which gives you a chance to earn your slice of such a huge amount of money. That is precisely what has happened this month on Bet365 Poker’s sister site, Bet365 Games thanks to its £1 Million Slot Giveaway promotion.

The first thing to note about this promotion is that if you hold a Bet365 Poker, or indeed any other Bet365 account, then you can participate in it without a problem. Simply deposit or transfer cash into your Bet365 Games account and you can play using your existing log in details.

Bet365 Games UK slots promosThe first thing to do however before you start playing, is to head over to the £1m Slot Giveaway promotional page and click on the yellow Opt In button. Once you have done this, you are officially logged in to the competition and now you can start.

The way the promotion is organised is into four weekly Qualification Periods. It started from the 11th May 2015 and will run through until the fourth and final Qualification period ending on the 7th June.

For each weekly qualification period, there are five Featured slots. All play on these featured slots during that promotional week will see players earn a prize draw ticket for every £10 that they wager on any of the slots that are featured that week. Only play on the named slots counts towards the promotion.

You can earn as many prize draw tickets for each prize draw as you like and every ticket you win is entered into the prize draw for that qualifying week, which takes place on the Monday after the qualification period finishes last thing on Sunday night.

There are a total of 50,000 cash prizes available in the promotion over the four-week period, with the single largest cash prize being £10,000 and the smallest cash prize being £10.  That is 12,500 prizes every qualifying week with £250,000 dished out in prize money to players every week.

The more tickets you have in the draw the more chance you have of landing a top prize and the more potential cash prizes you could win in that draw.

The dates of the Qualifying weeks, together with the five qualifying slots for each of the aforementioned weeks, are outlined below:

  • Qualifying Week 1 –  00:00 on 11th May to 23:59 on 17th May – Clover Rollover, Fairest of them All, Chests of Plenty, Heart of the Jungle Who Wants to be a Millionaire slots featured
  • Qualifying Week 2 – 00:00 on 18th May to 23:59 on 24th May – Dynamite Digger, Wild Gambler, Big Top Tombola, Bounty and the Beanstalk, The Glass Slipper slots featured
  • Qualifying Week 3 – 00:00 on 25th May to 23:59 on 31st May – The Winnings of Oz, Rich Treats, Amazon Wild, Leprechauns Luck and Mini Dragons slots featured
  • Qualifying Week 4 – 00:00 on 1st June to 23:59 on 7th June –  Full Moon Fortunes, George and the Dragon, Fluffy Favourites, Adventures in Wonderland and Firemen slots featured

The clock is ticking and you can join in this promotion at any point, so why not give each of the featured slots a try and play at Bet365 Games this week? You could end up £10,000 richer if you do.

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