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Keep An Eye Out For These Super Sports Promotions

Like to place wagers online? Well then you’re going to want to get up to speed on what online sports promotions are available.

We’re going to take you through some of the classic options you’re likely to see, plus some quirkier ones too. Esports, snooker, Women’s Super League. Whatever sport takes your fancy, we’re going to bet you’ll find an offer that you like the look of.

From regular deals to limited edition offers, there is really so much to choose from in the world of online sports promotions!

Money back when you lose

Now that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well in certain circumstances, some online sports promotions offer just that. It’s not going to apply to every single bet you place, naturally. But in some sports under certain circumstances, like for instance your horse doesn’t win a particular race, that’s exactly what you can get.

These money back offers can also kick in if something unexpected happens. Say for example, a player you’ve bet on for a football match gets subbed before halftime.

Get paid like a winner when a match doesn’t happen

Unexpected things happen all the time in sports. And that can be annoying. But with some online sports promotions, it can be a blessing. If you’ve bet on a tennis player to win and their opponent drops out, in some sportsbooks during certain promotions, you get paid like a winner anyway. Nice.

Get paid early

You can also cash out early, in certain circumstances. For example, if your football team is already way ahead, some sportsbooks give you the option enjoy an early payout instead of having to wait for the final whistle.

Best odds guaranteed

There are so many online sportsbooks out there. How do you know you’re really getting the best deal? Well, in most cases, sadly you don’t. However, really good online sportsbooks will offer you the best odds guaranteed for at least some markets. You’ll frequently see these in the world of horseracing, so it’s particularly worth looking out for them if you’re a fan of that.

Boost your accumulator

We adore accumulators. But imagine getting a supersized payout from one? Well certainly online sports promotions offer just that. So before you choose all the bets for your accumulator, check your sportsbooks’ promotion page to check if there’s a boost you can apply to you bet.

Maximise your winnings

But it’s not just accumulators you can supersize. Sometimes you also get the option to get bigger payouts on certain bets. You’ll see this a lot on popular upcoming events, so it’s always worth seeing what bets are boosted on your sportsbook.

Bonus codes

These little guys can work wonders for you. But you have to do a little bit of leg work to hunt them out first, because typically they won’t be advertised on your online sportsbook’s website. Instead, they’re usually dished out by third party sites. Like, ahem, us. Want to know one of our favourites? Check out this bet365 bonus code for a welcome offer you’ll never forget.


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