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Stop Seeing Annoying Gambling Ads Online

Do you want to see fewer gambling ads online? We’re with you.

Excess advertising can be extremely annoying, to say the least. And that’s not the only reason to see fewer gambling ads. Those ads are, of course, designed to make you want to gamble.

But of course, we should all only be gambling when we want and within our budgets. Anything that encourages us to gamble more than we are planning to, is bad news. So whatever your circumstances, we think it’s a great idea to cut down on the gambling ads you see online.

See fewer gambling ads on Google

Thankfully, Google has banned gambling advertisements from appearing on its search engine. Having said that, some still get through. So if you see a gambling ad on Google, you should block those advertisers and also choose to “mute similar ads”.

See fewer gambling ads on social media

A lot of the time, you’re not going to stop seeing gambling ads entirely on your social media account. But here are some ways that you can reduce them a whole lot:

  • Twitter: Block Tweets from gambling companies. Then if their ads come up, select “I don’t like this ad”. You can also mute phrases and words associated with gambling. And in your Twitter settings, you can untick some gambling-related interests (for example, soccer or darts).
  • Facebook: Go to your Settings & Privacy menu and you can choose to hide ads from certain advertisers and see more or less ads related to particular topics (like sports or gambling). Also, when you see a sponsored post about gambling, select the x in the right-hand corner and close it. Then the algorithm knows that you don’t like that content

Why should I do this?

As we said before, sometimes excess gambling ads can simply annoy you. And that’s reason enough to venture into your browser and social media settings to try to lessen the number you see.

However, you also might be taking a time out from gambling. If you’re taking a short break, you don’t really want to be reminded of gambling the whole time, right? Equally, cutting down on the number of ads you see could help you stick to your gambling budget.

Another great reason to take note of this is if you’re trying to protect minors from gambling. If they’re underage and on social media with their correct age, gambling ads shouldn’t really show up there. But they might pop up on their browser searches. So these quick fixes can certainly help them.

And then there’s the serious stuff. If you think you have a gambling problem, or a loved one does, self-exclusion is not enough to stop the barrage of online advertising. These tips can help control what you see.

Resources and information about problem gambling

If you’re trying to find more information on problem gambling, Be Gamble Aware is a fantastic resource. There are lots of different articles there, plus you can also ring them directly.

We’ve also got some more responsible gambling articles that you might be interested in:


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