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15 Slots Definitions You Need To Know

Sometimes playing at an online casino can make you feel like you’re being immersed in a foreign language. There are so many different terms and phrases. Where do you start? Well we’re going to make it easy for you with these slots definitions.

Slots definitions for the busy casino spinner

1. Credits

Just like poker chips, credits in slots substitute for real money and give you the chance to play.

2. Symbols

These are different visual representations and each carries a different value or function in a slots game.

3. Reels

Usually coming in either three or five per slot, these are where the symbols are displayed in a slots game.

4. Spin

When you spin the reel, you’re simply playing one round in a slots game.

5. Payline

These are the patterns in which slots need to line up for you to trigger a win. This is how the vast majority of wins are dished out during a slots session.

6. Free spins

Trigger free spins during a game or earn them via a promotion and you’ll get extra play for zero dosh.

7. Bonus code

Okay, so this is one of the most useful slots definitions you’ll come across, especially as a new player. Did you know that when you sign up to a new online casino, you can make your welcome offer even better with a special code? Use this bet365 bonus code to do just that and make sure your first slots experience there is even better.

8. Live casino

Live casino is where you play online but your bets are carried out in real time by real life casino operators. And yes, there are even live casino slots to be found.

9. Casino culture

Not necessarily just about slots definitions, casino culture is the social and aesthetic world that has grown up around casino enthusiasts. And there are lots of books about the topic too.

10. Scatter

A scatter symbol is a wonderous thing. It can trigger bonus rounds, give you a multiplier or substitute for other symbols. All mean more wins for you!

11. Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are mini games that you can come across through playing slots. Usually they’re achieved at random.

12. Multiplier

And just like that, if you get a multiplier, your slots win can be multiplied by as much as 10x.

13. Return-to-player

Over a long period of time, the return-to-player percentage indicates how much players will get back. For example, if a slot RTP is 97%, players are paid out £0.97 for every £1 spent and the online casino makes a £0.03 profit.

14. Volatility

The other indication of payouts in slots is volatility. While RTP tells you how much to expect, the volatility indicates the frequency of payouts. In a high volatility slot, there are infrequent payouts yet the payouts tend to be larger. Then with low volatility slots, the opposite is true.

15. Progressive jackpot slots

Every time you spin the reels on a progressive jackpot slot, a small amount of what you spend ends up in the progressive jackpot. Then when the jackpot is triggered, the winner could be in for a gigantic payout.


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