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Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay

9 Quirky Poker Beliefs: From Crossing Legs To Cursed Cash

Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay

Poker is a blend of skill and luck. Everyone knows that. But this unique blend also gives rise to some pretty unusual superstitions in poker…

Ever wondered what quirky beliefs some of the poker community hold? Some of these just might surprise you…

1. Never count your money at the table

In the Kenny Rogers song The Gambler, the crooner gives that advice as part of the song lyrics. But actually a lot of poker players really do believe that. We believe it’s bad poker etiquette. But some go a step further and think that counting your chips amounts to bad luck.

2. Lucky in red

We’re not sure if it suits your complexion or not, but next time you want to play a game, you might want to throw on something red. Some players swear that wearing red is their secret to success. But is it enough to intimidate your opponents? Rummage through your wardrobe and find out!

3. Special talismans

Lots of poker players have lucky charms at the table when they play. These can be quirky little items like small toys, pictures or coins. And whether or not they ward off bad luck, they can be great little conversation starters!

4. Say no to $50 bills

It might sound strange to non-poker players, but there is a deeply held belief in US casinos that $50 bills can bring players bad luck. So if you’re across the pond, you probably won’t find many seasoned players with that particular form of currency.

5. Uncross those legs

We must confess that as we’re writing this article about superstitions in poker, our legs are crossed. But, dear reader, many poker players won’t stand for that. Superstitious players claim that crossing your legs crosses out your luck! But whether or not you believe that, it is true that it’s rubbish for your posture. So let’s all agree to try to uncross those legs and keep your feet flat from here on out.

6. Leave the pooch outside

Okay, if you’re going on a big poker holiday, it’s not very likely you’re going to bring your dog. Same thing if you’re even going to a local poker room for a night out. And that’s a good thing. Some players strongly believe dogs bring bad luck. So if you’re having friends over for a poker night, maybe leave your pooch outside. And if you’re extremely superstitious, you might not even play online while you’re pup is around. Speaking of online play, here’s a bet365 bonus code for new players.

7. Always enter the poker room right foot first

Do you ever think about how you cross the threshold of a poker room? Some players do. And they think about it a lot. For some people, they reckon it pays to always enter right foot first.

8. Unlucky number 13

Thirteen is a definite no-no with the poker playing community, at least the superstitious members. In some poker rooms, they don’t even have a table 13. And some live events go as far as not having Event #13, instead skipping right from 12 to 14.

9. Whistling while you play

As well as being deeply irritating, some people think that whistling while you play poker is the same as whistling your money away. And it might really be the case. Maybe your fellow players will be so annoyed by you that they’ll try their level best to knock you out of the game.

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