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poker deal with the devil

The Story Of The Poker Ghost That Haunts Liverpool

When you’re playing cards, you’ve got a lot on your plate to deal with. So there’s no way you want to make life even more complicated and make a poker deal with the devil.

Depending on your playing style, maybe you’d do just about anything to get an everlasting lucky streak so that you get the top hand rankings again and again. Whether you play in world famous casinos, at the WSOP, at home with friends or online (bet365 bonus code, if you need a new online poker room), it can feel ever so important that you win at all costs.

But we all know, there are more important things in life than winning at poker. However, today we’re going to tell you a story about a person who forgot that. Greedily, he thought he could make it so he would never lose at the poker table.

But the consequences were devastating… Read all about this poker deal with the devil and find out what happened over 170 years ago in Liverpool.

The rise of William Mackenzie

In 1800s Liverpool, William Mackenzie was a big deal. This successful businessman had risen through the ranks to become one of the most prominent contractors in all of Europe. Born in 1794, he was at the height of his success in the civil engineering world by the 1840s.

Throughout his time, he worked on the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal, Mythe Bridge, Birmingham Canals the Paris to Rouen railways and much more. Many of his works can still be seen today. But this astonishing success did not lead him to live a quiet life…

Poker deal with the devil

Obsessed with card games and gambling, Mackenzie was allegedly always in search of a route to success while he was wagering. And he thought he found his golden ticket when he struck a poker deal with the devil.

He requested that the devil would grant his wish of having an everlasting lucky streak. One that would never stop. The devil agreed to grant him his wish, in exchange for his soul. As soon as he was buried, the devil would have his soul for the rest of eternity.

Mackenzie agreed to this deal, but sought to circumvent it. He requested that he would never be buried and instead, he would be entombed sitting upright at a card table holding a royal flush. That way, the devil would never get his soul.

And the devil didn’t. But Mackenzie didn’t find rest either. His soul had nowhere to go, and apparently now people can see a ghostly figure wandering Rodney Street, beside the Graveyard, wearing the height of 1850s fashion of a top hat and a cloak.

Is it true?

In a word, probably not. We’re not sure if people really do see the ghost of William Mackenzie. There is a gigantic pyramidal tomb made of granite on his grave, but that was erected 16 years after Mackenzie’s death, by his adoring brother. So Mackenzie is buried and not sitting upright in Liverpool’s city centre.


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