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Scary Sports Stories

Two Of The Scariest Sports Stories

Do you want to hear some scary sports stories? Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got an incredible line up of tales that will send shivers down your spine. Whether you believe in ghouls, ghosts, curses and hexes or not, it’s a whole lot of fun to reflect on the tales that have become pieces of sports fan lore through the years.

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Scary sports stories

Birmingham, England

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is obsessed with the English Premier League. But of course, there are bigger things than football in this world…

In 1906, Birmingham City FC moved into what has been their home stadium for well over a century. But not everybody was happy about their chosen location.

There is a story that says the stadium was on lands used by Romani people. And when they were moved on, they hexed the stadium and its team.

Over the decades, managers were convinced this curse was the reason for the club’s limited success. They tried to do everything in their power to reverse it, even down to urinating on the pitch and hanging crosses on floodlights.

But is this curse really true? Well, no records show that Romani people used the lands used to build the stadium, although there was a settlement nearby. So maybe this is just racism dressed up as a scary story? Perhaps.

Mayo, Ireland

Are you up to score on the GAA? Well it’s one of the biggest sporting associations in Ireland, promoting among other things sports like Gaelic football and hurling, as well as Irish language and cultural activities. It’s got a fascinating history and a solid place in Ireland’s political past.

But that’s not why we’re talking about the GAA now. The GAA also has a fabled curse that has gripped the nation. Everyone in the country has heard of it, and you can often hear serious discussions about the curse everywhere from the local shop to national radio.

And that’s the curse on Mayo’s Gaelic football team. The last time Mayo won the All-Ireland Football Final was in 1951, despite the fact they reached the final over a dozen times since then. Why such a long dry spell of success?

Well, the story goes that when the team was celebrating its 1951 success, the bus passed a hearse. This is a big no no, showing disrespect to the dead. Apparently, in a rage due to this act of foolishness, the priest presiding over the funeral cursed the team.

According to lore, Mayo will never win an All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final again until all the team members from the cursed 1951 team die. All of the team members who played on the day have since died, but one man who was a sub on the bench remains.

Is this story true? Well according to local records there were no funerals in the immediate vicinity of where the bus was that day, so eyebrows are raised over the validity of the story. But many people swear that it’s the only explanation as to why Mayo haven’t raised the Sam Maguire cup since 1951.


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