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Easy And Delicious Bites For The Ultimate Poker Night Feast

Hosting a poker night? You’ll want to lay on a spread that’s as memorable as the last time you got a royal flush! Here’s your winning hand for poker night food that will keep your guests’ taste buds all in!

Start with some crunchy nibbles

No poker night is complete without nibbles. Grab bags of crisps (and head here for inspiration), salted nuts and pretzels. They’re perfect for munching without missing a beat.

Tip: bowls of these around the table keep hands busy during those nerve-wracking hands.

Classic sandwich platters are a sure bet

Sandwiches are always a safe bet. Think easy to handle classics like ham, cheese, egg mayo or tuna. Cut them into triangles and you’ve got yourself a quick bite for between games.

Pizzas are the MVP of poker nights

You can never go wrong with pizza. Go for a mix of margherita, pepperoni and veggie, maybe even throw in a vegan pizza if your guests are that way inclined. Everyone loves a slice of pizza and they’re easy to eat one-handed! Either throw a few frozen pizzas in the oven or call for delivery when stomachs start rumbling.

Something for the sweet tooth

Don’t forget about those with a sweet tooth. Brownies or cookies are ideal. In fact, you can even whip up these poker chip biscuits if you’re a whizz in the kitchen!

Keep the drinks flowing

Okay, let’s clarify. Yes, you should keep the drinks flowing. But more so the non-alcoholic options than the alcoholic ones. You might want to get a few beers or wines, but make sure you’re well stocked with NA beers, along with soft drinks and water. No poker game is better with a sloppy drunk (or five!) at the table.

The dietary restriction conundrum

Got a friend coming who’s vegetarian/vegan/gluten free or has some other food requirement or sensitivity? Don’t panic. As long as you have at least a couple options for them, you’re golden. Remember to serve up enough options that they can enjoy and if there are some things they have to pass on, that’s fine too.

Late night snacking

If your game is going on into the wee hours, it might make sense to bring out something to munch on. Mini sausages (vegan or regular), cheese cubes and gherkins are perfect for this.

Take a bow for takeaway

Don’t fancy cooking? A takeaway is your friend. It’s easy, everyone can pick exactly what they fancy and there’s no washing up. Now that’s a good option in our books!

What else do you need to keep in mind for a poker night?

If you’re planning a poker night, the menu isn’t the only thing you should be planning for. Make sure you know how to host a mixed ability night, if friends of different skill levels are attending. Add quirky new rules if you want to shake things up. Make a playlist full of songs even a pro would be up for hearing. And if you’re throwing a birthday party, make sure you also add a good poker present to the list.

It’s also worth getting your gear in order in advance. Think poker table, chips and cards. And make sure you’re wearing the right clothes for the occasion, including headwear if you must!

Most of all, it’s important to practice before you play. Make sure you’re 100% on the game. One of the best ways of doing that is to do a few sessions online before the big night. Somewhere like bet365 is ideal. And if you’re new to the site, you can use this delicious bet365 bonus code when you sign up.


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