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Haunted house rules image of black toy spiders on a white wood table
Image by Antonio Jose Cespedes from Pixabay

Add Spooky Thrills To Your Home Poker Nights With Haunted House Rules

Image by Antonio Jose Cespedes from Pixabay

Poker nights at home are already a blast, but why not elevate the excitement? Infuse some haunted house rules into your game and give your guests a real thrill.

Check out our wickedly fun rules to spruce up your home poker night and keep your friends on the edge of their seats. Get ready for a ghoulishly good time!

Ghostly blind bets

Kick off your haunted poker night with ghostly blind bets. Instead of chips, use spooky props like plastic spiders or miniature skeletons. Probably best suited to super casual games, it will certainly give your game a mysterious vibe. But make sure you remember the value of each spooky prop!

Phantom player

This is a real scream. Introduce a phantom player and draw cards for this ghostly participant at each round. Then let your group compete against the unknown. At showdown, your phantom player just might end up stealing the pot from all the living players!

Cursed cards

Shuffle in a few cursed cards into the deck. When a player draws one, they must perform a spooky challenge or forfeit a portion of their chips. Challenges could include reciting a ghost story or wearing a creepy mask for the rest of the round!

Eerie soundtrack

Along with some excellent poker songs, make sure there are a few eerie songs in the mix too. It’ll help to give your poker party that seriously spine-chilling feeling.

Crypt keeper’s choice

Let the player with the lowest chip count seek guidance from the crypt keeper. The crypt keerp can suggest a move or offer advice, adding an element of mystery and unpredictability to the game. But obviously this only works if one of the better poker players in your group of friends is fine with not playing fo the evening!

Haunted hide and seek

Hide a spooky item like a rubber bat somewhere in the room you’re playing. Whoever finds it gets to choose a player to swap their cards with. It certainly adds an edge to proceedings!

Graveyard gambit

If you want to encourage some super aggressive play, introduce the graveyard gambit. Whenever someone folds, they have to sit in a corner of the room you’ve called the graveyard. They can only rejoin after completing a challenge, like doing a spooky dance or telling a spooky joke.

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect

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