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Lots Of Different Ways To Restrict Online Gambling

Looking for ways to restrict online gambling? We’ve got a number of options that you might find useful.

Whether you’re trying to limit exposure to gambling in minors or you have a gambling problem, there are lots of different things you can do.

We’re going to break it down for you, so you can quickly and easily see the types of ways to restrict online gambling that might suit you.

Restrict online gambling with software

There are a few different software packages that you can use to restrict online gambling. Some are designed specifically to do just that.

Lots of them are designed so that you can’t circument them with a VPN or install any gambling related software on your devices. They typically work on phones, tablets, laptops and PCs across a range of operating systems.

You have to pay for most of them, and prices per month or per year vary depending on what package you buy. GamBlock and GamBan are good examples of these. However, with GamBan, you can get it for free if you access it through a UK support service.

Ways to limit exposure to kids

There are a number of options available to parents and guardians who want to limit the exposure of their children to gambling. You can pay for services like NetNanny, which can limit many different types of adult content, including gambling.

It’s also worth taking a look at your children’s device settings. You can use the option to pair your devices and limit the kinds of things your children might come across. It’s a really important thing to do, especially for younger children.

Another good idea is to make sure your child is having screen time in the same room as you. That way, you can glance at what they’re doing in real time.

See fewer gambling ads

Whether or not you want to spend less time gambling, we think everyone can agree that gambling ads can be so annoying. If you want to see less gambling ads, we’ve got some clever tips for you right here.

Spend less time gambling

Here at No Deposit Poker, we’re big fans of not wasting time. And listen, it can be easy to accidentally have a much longer gambling session than you first intended. We’ve all done it.

But luckily, it can be avoided. You can opt to set reality checks at many online gambling sites, which will give you pop ups when you’ve spent a certain amount of time gambling.

Another thing you can do is to set a time out. This is a short term break from gambling, which can last anything from 24 hours to a month. It’s great to set one when you’re going on holidays, just to get a proper break. Or indeed, when you’re saving up for something and don’t fancy the added unnecessary expense of gambling tempting you. It’s also very handy to put on recurring timeout, which comes on at the start of the work week and finishes up at the end.

For a more long term solution, you can choose to self-exclude. You can do this for six months, a couple or years or make it permanent.

Problem gambling information and resources

Looking for more information on problem gambling? Then we’d highly recommend taking a look at Be Gamble Aware. This organisation has lots of articles about safe gambling, stopping for good and how to find support. You can also contact them directly for more personalised support.

As well as that, we’ve got some good articles on responsible gambling topics:


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