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Give Video Poker a Try with These Great Games at Bet365 Games

December 11, 2019

There’s no doubt that if you are a love of the many different forms of online poker you can play against other players, from the massive tournaments with thousands playing, down to the small three player games that can be over very quickly, then you can find some poker-related items in your local casino to keep your thirst sated.

Time can be an issue for many non-professional poker players who may not have the freedom to sit down and devote several hours to playing at a table or playing their way through a large tournament. If that is the case, especially at a busy time of the year like Christmas, then you can find yourself a little short of poker action and that is where these great poker-themed games at online casinos come in.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the great poker games that you can enjoy at bet365 Games throughout the year that are quick to play, easy to follow and which could see you land some decent prizes if you are lucky enough too.

  1. Tequila Poker

This is one of my favourite poker games at bet365 Games as it allows you to play one of two ways, depending on your hand and also depending on how lucky you feel. It’s rare that you actually get a choice of options in how to play in poker, let alone after the first few cards have been dealt but that is what happens in Tequila Poker.

Firstly, the first four cards are dealt and displayed and in addition, you will see a points total of the cards. You now have the choice of whether you want to play either High Tequila (which uses the points total), or Tequila Poker (which uses the typical poker card values).

In Tequila Poker, you are then given an additional two cards to make up your hand and you then have to make the best poker hand you can using the five cards from the six that are available to you. Your lowest value card is disregarded. If you land a hand of a pair of aces or better, then you will win a cash prize that ranges from an even money return, but can increase up to 200x your stake if you manage to hit a rare Royal Flush.

However, if you elect to play High Tequila Poker, then things are a little different and you don’t play in the standard way. Instead, you use the points total of your cards and when the next cards are dealt, your score will increase. Once again, your lowest card is disregarded and when you have your five highest cards, then your points total is added up. Score over 46 points and you win a cash prize, hit the magical 54 point mark and you can earn a return of 200/1 on your stake.

  1. Casino Hold’em Poker

If you enjoy Texas Hold’em, then Casino Hold’em Poker at bet365 Games is a great choice for you. You are dealt the first two cards as your hole cards, just as in standard Hold’em, but the big difference is how the community cards are dealt.

Once you have decided to bet on, you will see the flop as per usual and once again, if you then decide to bet on in the game, you will then see the next two cards dealt at the same time to complete the hand.

You need to beat your opponent’s hand (the casino) and also for your opponents hand to qualify in order to land the win. If your opponent’s hand does not qualify, then you receive your stake money back at the end of the hand. Hand values and the like are all the same as standard Hold’em.

In addition to this game, you can also find another variant of the game called Casino Hold’em that is also available on the site.

  1. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

This bonus version of Texas Hold’em offers players perhaps the most realistic version of Hold’em poker available at bet365 Games. In this version, you play through each section of the game as you would in standard Hold’em, so the deal, the flop, the turn and river and at each point, you make a bet in order to remain in the hand. Once again, the aim of this game is to beat the dealers hand, provided the dealer’s hand qualifies.

Your win value is ascribed by the payout table that is listed in the game, and of course, the better your poker hand when you win, then the more you will receive back in winnings.

In addition to your standard bet, there is also a bonus bet you can make which offers you a chance to win a cash prize based on the two hole cards you (or you and the dealer) are dealt. The top prize on this bonus bet is 1000x your stake and that is paid if both you and the dealer receive a pair of aces on the deal as your hole cards.

For realistic, fast-paced Hold’em, with the addition of a fun side bet, then Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is well worth a closer look.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are other poker games you can play at bet365 Games, including a Caribbean Draw Poker game that is a progressive jackpot game, however, these are my personal favourites and I think any poker player that wants a quick fix would find these games perfectly suited to their needs.


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