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Online Casino Offers Explained In Four Steps

Want to know more about online casino offers?

There are a dizzying amount of different promotions at any given time at an online casino. We help you sort through the chaff and figure out what’s actually a good deal and what is pure guff.

Step one: Pick your poison

The first thing you’ve got to do is figure out what you feel like playing. Are you in the mood to spin a roulette wheel? Or are card games like 3-card brag, baccarat or blackjack appealing to you more right now? How about an immersive progressive jackpot slot experience? Or perhaps you want to play some Live Casino games.

Whatever you feel like playing, that’s the kind of promotion you should hunt out.

Step two: Find out what’s on offer

Next up, you’ve got to take a look at the offers page of your online casino of choice. You should be able to navigate to the online casino promotions page quickly and easily from the homepage. For example, this is where the bet365 online casino page is.

Speaking of, if you’re new to bet365, here’s a handy bonus code you can use when you sign up.

Examples of common online casino promotions

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what you can expect, this list might help clear things up.

When you’re at an online casino that also has a great sportsbook and online poker room, sometimes they mix things up. Some casino promotions can give poker or sports rewards, and vica versa. For example, bet365 has one where you get free spins for predicting football match outcomes. And it’s also worth checking out what poker promotions and sports promotions they’ve got up their sleeves…

You can also expect to get bigger rewards the more you play, with certain online casino promotions. For example, escalators give you ever increasing rewards the more you spend at the games.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s randomly awarded prizes. Sometimes just being present at a table at a particular time is enough to bag you a prize. These are commonly seen on Live Casino games, but of course the concept will certainly be familiar to slots players too.

Step three: Figure out what you need to do

Take a good look at the promotional page of the online casino offers so you know exactly what you need to do to get your reward.

Sometimes, you’ll have to opt in before you start meeting your other requirements. Speaking of requirements, these can vary hugely based on what promotion or what site you’re one. Common requirements for online casino promotions are to deposit a certain amount on a certain day or play certain games on a particular time frame.

Step four: Enjoy your rewards

Generally speaking, you’ll get fairly tasty rewards when you successfully complete an online casino promotion. You might get free spins, bonus chips or even cash prizes. Make sure you know if there are any requirements attached to these. For example, some online casinos don’t let you withdraw winnings garnered from free spins or bonuses without meeting another wagering requirement. However the best online casinos rarely do this. Bet365, for example, usually lets you withdraw any winnings from free spins and bonuses straight away, if you so wish.


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