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Why Less Time On The Felt Is Better

Why should you have a poker time limit?

Well there are a myriad of reasons. But the number one reason in our books is it’ll make you a better player.

Drilling down and improving your poker game isn’t just about spending hours upon hours on the felt. It’s about spending quality time on the felt. If you end up spending way too much time at the tables, you get sloppy and start making mistakes.

Also, mindlessly spending time playing poker can lead to bad habits and even addiction. In fact, spending too much time gambling and not spending time on other stuff can be a major sign of gambling addiction.

As well as that, spending less time playing poker means that it’s easier to keep a handle on how much your spending. Side note, if you don’t have a gambling budget, you need to get on that as soon as you can. It’s a real must for any poker player.

Setting a time limit for online play

On many online poker rooms, there’s the option to set up notifications after you’ve been playing a certain amount of time. This can be particularly handy if you’re into cash games and multi-tabling. However, sometimes it’s not quite so practical if you’re playing a tournament.

For that reason, certain online gambling sites exclude poker from their time limit pop-ups. We think this is a real shame, if we’re being honest. Although we can understand it too.

If your online poker room doesn’t have a time limit option, simply set an alarm on your phone. And if you’re playing a tournament, give yourself a one game maximum limit per session. This will help you manage both your bank roll and your time.

Setting a poker time limit when you’re playing live

If you’re playing in a real card room, you really have to rely on yourself to go home. Of course some card rooms have a closing time. But if you’re playing at an all-night venue (plenty of them exist, particularly in Las Vegas), you’ll have to be disciplined.

Why not order a taxi in advance to take you home at a particular time? You can also set an alarm on your phone, or indeed give yourself a one-tournament-only rule and leave after you’re done there.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out these strategies. But it does take a certain amount of self-control to stick to them. But trust us. If you set strict time limits on your poker game, the poker you’ll be playing will be more thoughtful and less sloppy.

After your finished, you’ll be glad you set a poker time limit. Of that, we are certain.

Problem gambling information and resources

Of course, if you’re a gambling addict or think you’re developing bad habits, no amount of poker time limits will help you. What you need to do is stop gambling altogether. Places like Be Gamble Aware are perfect for this. They can lead you towards different types of supports that could be helpful for you, as well as sharing vital tips and advice on stopping gambling for good.

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