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Ghost tactics in poker image of a smoky skull in an ornate frame
Image by creatifrankenstein from Pixabay

Ghost Tactics: Invisible Mind Games In Poker

Image by creatifrankenstein from Pixabay

Fancy yourself as a decent poker player? You know your strategies, you’re confident with your playing style and you read your opponents like a book. But have you ever considered the art of ghost tactics in poker?

Ghost tactics are elusive strategies, unseen yet impactful, used by poker pros to bewilder opponents and dominate the table. Intrigued? Then check them out for yourself…

What are ghost tactics in poker?

Let’s start at the beginning. Ghost tactics in poker are the art of deception and pschological warfare in poker. A player employing these strategies uses subtle, often imperceptible actions to miscuide and manipulate. It’s about being a spectre at the table. Felt, but never fully seen.

The false tell

A classic ghost tactic in poker is the false tell. Here, you deliberately exhibit what looks like a tell. Seasoned players look out for these physical or behavioural cues like hawks. By creating a false one, you send your adversaries down the garden path. Next thing you know, they think they have you read. Meanwhile you’re clandestinely controlling the whole game.

Mirror moves

This ghost tactic involves mimicking the betting patterns of your opponents. It creates a sense of camaraderie and understanding. But that’s not where it ends. These mirror moves make your opponents think you’re predictable and on their level. But then you suddenly switch gears and catch them off guard with an unexpected raise or bluff.


We hope you’ve never been ghosted on a dating app. But maybe you should try your hand at ghosting at the poker table. This involves leaning heavily into passive play. You fold a lot and barely engage in big pots. Your presence fades from the forefront of your opponents’ minds. They view you as a non-threat, a peripheral player. Then, when the moment is ripe, you strike aggressively, taking everyone by surprise.

Your ultimate goal

Although we’ve give you a few tips and tricks here, ghost tactics in poker really isn’t about individual moves. It’s an art form, a holistic approach to the game, Weave these tactics into your play seamlessly, switching between them unpredictably. Your goal is to be an enigma that other players just can’t crack.

A word of caution

Just because you’re embodying the spirit world, doesn’t mean you can ignore strategy. A deep understanding of the fundamentals of poker is always going to help you out, however you choose to play. This isn’t about playing recklessly. Instead, it’s controlled confusion, meticulous chaos. And remember, even though these are powerful tactics, they’re not infallible. Even ghost players need to adapt and react to the ever-changing dynamics of the poker table.

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